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Virgin Mobile Complaint - Customer Service Complain - virgin mobile
Virgin Mobile Complaint

Virgin Mobile Complaint


Customer Service Complain - virgin mobile

From .Mr. Michael Wugin
66 River Oaks Circle , Pikesville Md 21208
Email : michaelwugin@yahoo.com
Home tel 410 486 4943
Acct /Tel # 410 340 5005

To whom it may concern:
I don’t know if the right individual will get this letter but I hope it will get into the right hands .
About a year ago I became a customer of your company . I have purchased two telephones and registered them and was enjoing a good service and always recommended your company to all of my friends and relatives. I have registered a credit card on your site attached to every account and I have always paid my bills on time. So I would sy that your company has gained a valuable costumer .
So why would a company force me to leave and look for another provider ?
Here is my story:
I have purchased a android phone initially for account 410 340 5005 and I was enjoing it and learning how to use it. Later your company has released anew telephone called “MOTOROLA TRIUMPH” so I decided that I may want to switch o a more advanced telephone. I started to look around on the web

For a good price of this type of telephone. One day I have found one on a site:CRAIGS LIST. And someone was selling it for 225.00 so I decided to purchase the phone from that individual. I have met the seller in a local mall and after he showed me the telephone I asked him is why he selling it and his answer was “financial dificulties” well it sounded genuine . Before I made the purchase I have called Virgin mobile and told them exactly what I am doing and asked them about the phone. I provided IME number and asked them to check if the phone is not stolen, if it can be registered to my account ,and if it will be supported with no problem by your company? The answers I got were all positive. The person from your company asked me if I want to make the switch then , and I told them that I will have to get home and charge the phone and familiarize myself with this new handset. So later in the evening I went on your site and did a very easy phone swap with no problems. I started to enjoy the new phone. So it came to be a big surprise when Yesterday my phone sopped to work and the only place I could call was your company. I have spoken with 3 different individuals . None of them was able to help me:
Here are some coments:
1. You should not bought a phone from the street used (well check E-BAY, Craigs List and many other sites and people buy and sell used phones all the time) the main reason to save money.
2. When I asked them why my account was frozen I was told because of the phone belong to someone elses account (so just because due to incompetency of your personel I should be penalized? I asked them about the handset and they said it is ok . But if they were competent enough on their job and having the ime number they could have checked and know that this was a replacement phone send to some dishonest customer that sold it to me.
I asked what were my options ? the answer was such:
1. Purchase the phone and they will lift the suspension of the account (*when I asked how much the ansver was $299.00 (keep in mind I already paid $225.00 for it . the ansver was that we can do nothing about since this is an” replacement phone”

2. They suggested that I should return the phone and once they get it , they will lift the suspension of my account and I will be able to register back my previous LG handset that I still own.
3. When I said that why don’t they do it right away and I would send the phone back the next day they said no. that is not how it is going to be done? They need the phone first.
4. Then I decided to switch away from you to another carrier using another used phone that I purchased on E-bay. No problem the only thing I was not able to port over my number that I had for the last 10+ years. Do you think this is fair?
5. All of my suggestions were kind of ignored and I felt that your company does not value a customer as much as I imagine they would.

So here is what I did today ? I have switched to another carrier, I will not send the phone back to you since You had the opportunity to tell me that this was a wrong phone for me to purchase (but since due to incompetent employees in that department I have lost the $225.00 and I was asked to pay another 299.99 for a phone that Best Buy is selling for 249.00. No one realy cared what I had to say and they all said that they understand, but they can do nothing…etc.

I would like you to see if you can correct the wrong that was done to me by your company .
I am willing to pay no more than a $100.00 to put the phone back in service the way it was before, since I am in this predicament due to the incompetency of your personel. I already lost $225.00 plus the new activation with another monthly carrier $45.00 plus a bunch of accessories that I have purchased for my MOTOROLA TRIUMPH (new batteries , a car charger, a phone holster. A screan protector etc.

And now calculate how much will you loose if I start talking bad about your company and your customer service . Because even if you loose one customer it is much more that you want to get dishonestly from me.

Sincerely Michael Wugin

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